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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Mental Health Care

Expert, thoughtful, and personal medication prescribing for anxiety, depression, bipolar, and other mental health conditions.


Talk to your doctor on your schedule, and conveniently though messaging, phone, and video.

General Health

Through all ages and stages, bring your daily health questions to a doctor who you trust. 

Children, Teens, General medicine, Women's health, Geratrics. Coughs, colds, and UTIs or chronic diabetes, hypertension, or autoimmune issues, all from your home.

Healis Health

Healis Health is a cooperative networks of doctors which empowers physicians to provide accessible, direct care of patients. 

All interest in joining this movement, or inquiries into partnerships and media are welcome.


About Us

Dr Roth's medical degree (MD) was granted by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and was awarded with special qualifications in biomedical research, after studying and publishing research in the area of personalized medicine. During medical school Dr Roth worked with NGOs and local governments to establish a clinic in Peru where she worked and which continues to partner the Cleveland Clinic with local community health workers in a health education exchange.


She completed her family medicine specialty at Swedish First Hill/University of Washington where she trained both in the clinic and in the hospital caring for adults, children, women's health, obstetrics, geriatrics, mental health care, and emergency/urgent care. Her areas of concentration were global health, wilderness medicine, and healthcare systems including piloting direct care models.

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Available in NY, FL, and WA

Our Service

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Taking care of YOU

Be in Touch

In this era, you should be able to communicate easily with email, phone, or video, and not charged for every question.

Be a Person

Open-minded, thoughtful, holistic care.  For acute or chronic illness, or something still undiagnosed.

Be Empowered

Your doctor is your advocate. Be with someone who teaches you, explains, and works within your personal philosophy and health goals