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Mental Healthcare that Cares

Thoughtful, professional, and non-judgmental treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar, BPD, ADHD and more

Expert Care

Expert, thoughtful, and personal medication prescribing for anxiety, depression, bipolar, and other mental health conditions.


Talk to Dr Roth on your schedule, and conveniently though messaging, phone, and video.

Holistic Approach

Your mind and body are inseparable. Let us step back and look at everything: your whole health, self, and environment. 

Speak to a doctor who understands that these are linked and draws from various integrative traditions to bring you the best science and wisdom.

No Insurance Needed

Dr Roth is dedicated to caring for the health of her patients regardless of their insurance status.


If you are between jobs or if your job(s) do not provide insurance, feel reassured that you can still see a top physician and get the care you deserve. 

A doctor who listens 

Thank you for listening to me, for validating my feelings, and for making me feel safe and understood. I am thankful that services like this exist, especially  when seeking out a new doctor seemed near impossible. I will recommend this service and you in particular, 10/10, to anyone asking. I think it’s absolutely vital. 

— R.M., Patient

I found Dr Roth to be incredibly competent, understanding, and above all, a great doctor. I felt she was someone that I could open up to in earnest. 

— J.M., Patient

I used to see Dr. Roth via another company and when I learned she switched, I had to follow.

— K.S., Patient

This is how medical care should operate. I am proud to be part of a practice that does things the right way.. 

— J.T., Patient

I am so grateful that you encouraged me to stick it out. Looking back on the experience now, I understand how much my brain was battling just trying to level out.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you the very best!

— A.S. Patient


About Dr Roth

Dr Roth's medical degree (MD) was granted by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and was awarded with special qualifications in biomedical research. She completed her family medicine specialty at Swedish First Hill/University of Washington where she trained both in the clinic and in the hospital caring for adults, children, women's health, obstetrics, geriatrics, psychiatric/psychological issues, addiction, and emergency/urgent care.


The past 10 years of practice she has focused in Mental Health and psychology. Her approach integrates Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, spirituality in health, and modern psychotherapeutic theory.  Dr Roth is the founder of Physicians United/Healis Health which allows physicians to care for themselves as well as connect with patients directly and deeply.

> Now Accepting Patients

Available in NY, FL, and WA

Taking care of YOU

Be Yourself

Open-minded, thoughtful, holistic care.  For acute or chronic illness, or something still undiagnosed.

Be Empowered

Your doctor is your advocate. Be with someone who teaches you, explains, and works within your personal philosophy and health goals

Be in Touch

In this era, you should be able to communicate easily with email, phone, or video, and not charged for every question.

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