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Are You Born with OCD or Do You Develop It?

The obsessive-compulsive disorder makes the person wonder how it developed or what is the reason behind it. You might have experienced OCD, or seen someone in the family. However, there are certain findings that can contribute to the person developing the issue. The causes responsible typically are a combination of environmental factors and genetics, meaning both the circumstances and the biology can greatly impact OCD development. In such instances, the best you can do is look for a doctor near me and visit a reliable expert to get the help you need. The guide here has covered different aspects which will help you get a proper understanding.

you Born with OCD

OCD- What is it?

OCD is an issue that happens when the person has unwanted recurring thoughts which makes them do something repeatedly. This can elevate distress. Most people do these things on occasion as a part of their regular life. However, when the compulsion or the obsession interfere things become difficult socially. For some people, OCD is like an obsession with persistent thought, images, or ideas that leads to stress.

In simple words, the repetitive behavior that a person performs as an obsession or compulsion is due to OCD. In such instances, the person must look for mental health care near me and visit a good expert to get the help you need. OCD symptoms can be there in a variety of forms that can directly be associated with mental actions.

The concerns that happen due to the OCD issue are not something that will go away on its own or be dissolved with reasoning. Some of the common things here include.

• The fear of falling sick

• Harming someone

• Extreme concerns with symmetry

Carrying out the continuation behavior typically affects the quality of life. The person who suffers from the issue might think it is only temporary but can come in a variety of forms. Examples include counting numbers, hand washing, etc. The symptoms of mental health can greatly lead to difficulty in the life of the person. So it would be better to look for mental health care and contact a medical professional to get the help you need. No doubt, it is not a situation that cannot be treated. With proper medical assistance, you will be able to keep the OCD problem under control.

Causes of OCD

There are a lot of things that can be the reason. This includes the surroundings, genetics, or anything that happens in everyday life. If you have seen a close relative who has OCD, you must know that the studies have shown there could be a series of genes that you might have inherited that will make your OCD partially genetic. Some people might have the genes but will not develop any OCD symptoms. Besides this, the surroundings of the environment can also lead to the issue. For example, you might have seen your parents or siblings engage in a competition. With this, you might have the urge to pick it up. This is called learned behavior, which sometimes results in an experience or a common practice.

Besides, there is a possibility for you to experience an event that can trigger OCD. For example, when you have experienced a robbery at home when the life of your loved ones was in danger then it will sit in your mind that the gate was unlocked. So you will end up constantly checking the door again and again and the alarm system every 15 minutes.

The only explanation for the development of OCD or other issues is the stress diathesis model, which is commonly known as vulnerability. It states that some people are more genetically predisposed to the conditions. So if the person experiences life stress like bullying, traumatic experiences, etc., this can also trigger the symptoms. Understanding what is harmful to you is important to stay away from the triggers. Also, you need to look for a doctor near me and consult a professional to get help in managing the symptoms.

Get the right help

If you want help with the OCD issue, then you can consider contacting DrRothMD for help. The medical expert is dedicated to helping people with the best medical practices. She will ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing treatment journey. She has been working hard to provide people with mental health concerns the best possible care for years. So if you want the services from a highly reliable mental health care you can contact her to ensure you get proper expert help for managing the symptoms.

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