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What’s the Difference between Acute and Chronic Stress?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

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Acute and Chronic Stress

Acute pain

It is a sudden sharp pain that can last for less than six months. They act as the warning from the body that it is unsafe, and the health has been compromised in some way. A common belief is that acute pain is temporary, but it can be quite complicated. Such pains are caused by something specific like bones, a broken bone, cut, childbirth, etc. The pain will go away once the affected area has been treated well. Such pain is short-lived, while the others are long-lasting and severe. But there are therapies for acute pain. The issue is quite tricky to diagnose because sometimes they are short and come out of nowhere. This is why visiting a highly reliable mental health care is important to diagnose the issue and get treated. Generally, the doctor will recommend it and other tests like blood work, imaging, nerve conduction studies, etc., to identify the root cause of the concern.

There is the mental health care you can visit to get the help you need. The experts will be there to advise you about the things that will help manage your symptoms and stay away from any severe medical concerns. With expert help and support, you will have the assurance of leading a healthy life.

Chronic pain

It is a pain that lasts longer than six months. Such pain is considered to be of disease state and affects about 1 in 5 adults. It is vital to diagnose chronic pain. However, in most cases, it can be misdiagnosed. The reason behind the growing pain is the underlying issue. Sometimes surgery might not be able to heal the patients. So they choose to go for different treatments to find something or a combination of something that will help reduce the pain. There are many types of chronic pain. This includes cancer, headaches, back pain, etc. The pain is different for everyone. There are creams, oral medications, and ointments like over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, etc., that can be helpful. But they are not meant for long-term results. Besides the medications, physical therapy proves to be helpful for patients with chronic pain that will help increase the quality of life and also reduce the medication dosage.

The patients who suffer from severe chronic pain are the one who gets an injection. But it will be better to look for a doctor near me and consult the specialist before you start any treatment. The injections herein include anesthetic and steroid, which are inserted in the pain area to help alleviate the pain—the three types of injections include trigger point injections, epidural injections, and facet joints injection. Injections can be used to help the person get rid of the pain that they have been experiencing. As the pain can be extremely high, getting medical treatment at the right time becomes important. You can visit mental health care to get help from a doctor who knows about your specific condition and come up with a customized treatment plan that will work well for you.

Pain can greatly reduce the ability of the person to live a life of the same quality. This is why it is essential to know about the treatment options available to maintain the lifestyle you deserve. So better look for mental health care near me and consult a good doctor to get the help.

Get the right help

You are a victim of pain; then you can consider getting expert help from DrRothMD. She is one of the best professionals in town. With years of experience, she has been helping people manage the pain and the symptoms. Undoubtedly, the safety assurance and the quality of services have made her the best. She will ensure you get a customized treatment plan that will work well for your health and provide you with relief.

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